Hey there!

I'm Allie Perez

a UI/UX & Game Designer who's all about spreading joy and making life a bit more awesome.

With a history in neuroscience, marketing, and design, I specialize in helping people take the first step into their new hobby (and support them in their new found purpose)!

I work at a start-up and do two-handfuls of work, so I'm as agile as an S-Class Wood Elf. Whether it's crafting designs for gaming, entertainment, web3, or any tech that makes people happy, I'm always ready to create something epic!

So let's make some magic happen and create something that'll leave the world smiling. If you're digging my vibe, hit me up and let's chat! 💬

Fun Things

  • I live in a charming, yet scrappy tiny home my husband built between his deployments.
  • The farm life chose me, and now I have two mischievous pet squirrels named Twirly Whirly and Sweet Tea, a cat known as Meow Meows, a lively flock of chickens and a handful of other animals.
  • While my grasp may vary, I have basic understandings of German, Japanese, and Tagalog. I love language, but practice writing and listening more often than speaking.
  • In my down time, you'll find me playing video games, immersed in captivating reads, organizing anything I get my hands on and for the sheer joy of it - indulging in the delightful pursuit of studying flashcards.

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