Game Designer

FYX Gaming Studio & CryptoFights
Project Overview
FYX Gaming is the studio behind CryptoFights, a fantasy fighting AAA Indie Game that has made a name for itself as a Blockchain RPG, obtaining multiple world records on Enjin, Ethereum, and BitcoinSV. Over the last 16 months, CryptoFights has expanded and advanced its gameplay for both traditional and web3 gamers on mobile and PC platforms.
My Contributions
As a Game Designer at CryptoFights, I played an integral part in shaping the game's mechanics, lore, and overall player experience.

In the studio, I lead the Experience Architecture. With mild oversight of, and in partnership with designers and developers of various level of seniority, I do my best design game experiences that develop the visibility of the team in the global picture fantasy fighting games.
Game Design
Apr 2014 - Mar 2015
☆ Redesign Game Mechanics
☆ Game Progression System
☆ Enemy Design and Lore
In terms of game design for CryptoFights, I played a pivotal role in shaping the game's mechanics, lore, and overall player experience.
One of my biggest challenges was to redesign and balance the game mechanics while preserving the original gameplay math and mechanics. Working closely with a director who had previously worked on Assassin's Creed, we improved the player's ability to understand and manage these mechanics while maintaining player control and a seamless gameplay flow. To achieve this, we visually represented what once rely on dice and translated them to other areas of the game, including the PvP, questline campaigns, the Caravan (player lobby), character creation, and armor selection.
Favorite Moments
  • Designed and developed captivating enemies, including their lore, visuals, and audio, to create immersive and engaging encounters.
  • Collaborated closely with a director experienced in renowned titles like Assassin's Creed to redesign and balance the game mechanics, preserving the core gameplay while enhancing player understanding and control.
  • Implemented innovative solutions to visually represent complex mechanics, translating them from dice-based systems to in-game elements across various areas, such as PvP, questline campaigns, the Caravan, character creation, and armor selection.
  • Crafted custom voice lines for a wide range of characters, species, races, and bosses, injecting personality and depth into the game's world.
  • Contributed to the sound design by sourcing and integrating a diverse array of weapon and armor sounds, capturing the nuances of different weapon types and impacts, to enhance the immersive combat experience.

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