UI/UX & Game Design
Project Overview
The Inventory Management project aims to redesign the existing system that caters to both traditional gamers and blockchain enthusiasts. All while ensuring seamless integration with unique parameters of the FYX Gateway, which integrates traditional gameplay with blockchain capabilities for moving items between game-and-chain.
Goal & Concerns
The goal is to design a comprehensive inventory management system that addresses the deficiencies of the previous system. The concerns include ensuring a cohesive experience across traditional and blockchain marketplaces, as well as guiding players through item interactions to enhance the game flow and player lifecycle.
  • Lack of functional filters, sorting, and indications of equipped items and marketplace listings in the previous inventory system.
  • Designing a visually coherent representation of item qualities, effects, and abilities that makes sense in both traditional and blockchain marketplaces.
  • Provide functional filters and sorting options, indicates equipped items and marketplace listings, and visually represents item qualities, effects, and abilities.
  • Creating a seamless user experience that guides players through item details and options to enhance the game flow and player lifecycle, while ensuring compatibility with in-game inventory, in-game marketplace, and blockchain marketplaces.
Game Design
  • Design sub-interactions, such as item details and options, with the overall game flow and player lifecycle.
  • Ensure that the designed inventory system integrates smoothly with other game mechanics and translates seamlessly to both in-game inventory and marketplace as well as blockchain marketplaces.
  • Conduct thorough testing to verify the functionality, balance, and compatibility of the inventory management system within the broader game design.
  • Conduct research and competitive analysis of inventory systems in various genres (open world, FPS, PvP, turn-based, simulator, multiplayer, single-player) to identify effective designs for both PC and mobile platforms.
  • Redesign the inventory interface with functional filters, sorting options, and clear indications of equipped items and marketplace listings.
  • Develop a visual representation system that effectively communicates qualities, effects, and abilities of weapons, armor, materials, and provisions across both traditional and blockchain marketplaces.
UI/UX Design

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