Treasury & Economy

Game Design and UI/UX 
Project Overview
Treasury is the in-game currency shop. As the UI/UX and game designer, I was to design a seamless user experience, balance the game's token economy, and address challenges related to blockchain integration and legal requirements.
Goal & Concerns
The goal is to create a seamless and engaging user experience within the game's economy, allowing players to acquire and use in-game currency for various functions. However, the integration of blockchain and 3rd party IAP systems presents challenges in terms of maintaining balance, preventing abuse, and ensuring compliance with legal requirements.
  • Integrating Google Play IAP and PlayFab IAP documentation to enable seamless in-app purchases.
  • Balancing the availability and cost of in-game functions, ensuring a fair progression system for both free and paying players.
  • Addressing the complexity of the FYX Gateway and blockchain integration, considering legalities and potential risks.
  • Designing a robust player lifecycle to support a healthy ecosystem, balancing player engagement, retention, and monetization.
  • Conducting competitive analysis to understand currency systems in similar games and identifying effective player phases, goals, and in-game offers.
Game Design
  • Defining the cost and availability of in-game functions, considering gameplay progression and player satisfaction.
  • Implementing multiple currency types, such as soft currency, hard currency, and tertiary currencies, to provide different engagement and retention options.
  • Designing an economic equation to balance earned and IAP currencies, determining sources and sinks for virtual currency.
  • Planning the routes and mechanisms for items to travel between the game and the blockchain, ensuring security and compliance.
  • Creating a comprehensive player lifecycle that encourages retention, monetization, and a healthy in-game economy.
  • Researching and understanding Google Play IAP and PlayFab IAP documentation for seamless in-app purchases.
  • Creating intuitive and visually appealing UI designs for the in-game currency shop, ensuring easy navigation and clear information.
  • Incorporating feedback loops and notifications to guide players in their currency acquisition and spending decisions.
  • Implementing a user-centered design approach, considering the needs and preferences of both free and paying players.
  • Conducting usability tests and gathering user feedback to iterate and improve the UI/UX design.
UI/UX Design

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